Sketch Book | Nyamuoch Girwath

Draw something for us! 

Draw something for us! 

Occupation | title 

Student, Model 

Where are you from? 

I'm South Sudanese, born in Ethiopia raised in the midwest. Omaha, NE and Southern Minnesota. 

How did you get into modeling ? 

I did it at first to support my family and also pay for school. I started modeling locally in Omaha, NE and moved to NYC a year later. After seeing my parents make it in America and giving us the best life they could, barely knowing english. They pretty much instilled this passion in me and always told me anything was possible as long as I believed.

Industry Secret ? 

I love spreading joy!

Biggest challenge ? 

I overcame it, but it was being comfortable in my own skin, my gaps & scar. 

Describe your style ?

Old fashion & comfy, I like to mix the old with the new. I love having character in my clothing, you know a little rip or hole makes it unique.

First job ? 

L'Oreal, it was a hair job!!

Favorite place to eat in NY ?

Yatenga, its in Harlem such a hidden jem. 

I daydream of... 

Stopping division amongst our nations and having unity and peace. 

I can’t stop listening to...

Nneka, she is amazing!

I’m inspired by...

All people I meet everyday, especially in New York City! Everyone is a pioneer of some sort, you can't help but be inspired! Everyone has this contiguous passion and drive! 

I can’t live without...


Words to live by ? 

Love all serve all

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