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Sketch Book | Jack Tatum

Jack Tatum - Artist | Wild Nothing  


Where are you from?                                                                                                                 

I grew up in Williamsburg, Virginia 


What brought you to New York?                                                                                               

I never thought I would live in New York. So when I ended up here it had been after putting it off for so long. I had already been playing music and touring for about a year and the label that I am on is New York based. It just sort of made sense for me- music and career wise to move here. And I had a lot of friends from school who were living here. New York just seemed too big to me at first but now its so normal.


How did you get into music?                                                                                              

My dad played guitar and was in some small bands, so he taught me how to play when I was eleven. I just kind of became obsessed with it. I never took music lessons and just taught myself. I started learning the songs I love and then I became more interested in making my own songs.


What’s on your playlist?                                                                                                               

I’ve been listening to this group Lansing-Dreiden. They put out records in early 2000 and then I guess recently they got reissued. Also a lot of older film scores.


I daydream of…                                                                                                                

Finally having my own studio somewhere in the city since we are pretty much done touring for a while. That’s always been my dream to own a studio, because I'm just as interested in production as I am in the song writing and touring aspects.


What are you inspired by?                                                                                                        

I mean all kinds of things. Most directly from certain songs that I hear, especially older records to see how things were done. A lot of film, I am a pretty big movie buff. Other things too like graphic design and Japanese culture


Words to live by?                                                                                                                       

Be genuine. I hate when people fake who they are. I think a lot of people do it because they think that’s how they should be or how other people want them to be.