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Interview | Julien Boudet of Bleu Mode

By Natalie Pestun 

Julien Boudet is what one would call a “New Yorker,” but he’s actually from France. What makes him a “New Yorker” is his roaring passion and drive. Julien is a fashion photographer who has worked with the likes of Adam Katz Sinding and Charles Roussel, but you would have never guessed he has been in the game for only two years. He arrived on the streets of NYC five years ago and graduated from Parsons with a degree in photography and has since been climbing the professional ladder in, what seems like, a New York minute. What makes him so special? I think it’s his modest demeanor, which allows his work speak for itself.


Why do you think brands choose you over other photographers?                     

I think a lot of fashion photographers don’t pay attention to how their model is dressed; they aren’t actually into fashion. I guess sometimes they choose fashion photography because there is a lot of money, not like abstract photography, where there isn’t. Clients can tell I have a good sense of fashion, they like my style, I guess.


Can you share a memorable experience with anyone you worked with?         

Right now I have been working with DressShirt, I shot their new look book this morning. Tuesday night, I shot the window display for Louis Vuitton.


What designers do you like to wear now?                                                         

I like minimalist designers… Damir Doma, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester. 


Do you like to practice any other form of photography for yourself?               

I like street photography, when it is random, I can just look at what is going on, without any prep. I think of Henri Cartier-Bresson, about the “decisive moment” and I shoot with my Pentax, it was my father’s. | More info on Julien Boudet's photography 

Bleu Mode at work | Video shot by Raphael Capel