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Sketch Book | Alain Derderian

Alain Derderian - Creative Director | SoHotel 

These Tings Take Time | The Bowery Project


Where are you from?                                                                                                        

Born in Brooklyn and grew up in Bensonhurst, near Coney Island.


Why did you start these two blogs?                                                                                      

These Tings Take Time came about because I wanted to define myself, with zero filter and source images that inspire me. People began contacting me for information about my photos and the products I posted, so I slowly became this “go-to” guy within my network for lifestyle influence and advice. The Bowery Project is another project of mine. It’s a directory for my favorite places on the Bowery, which is where I grew up, where I work, where I eat and drink.


What sparked your passion for food?                                                                                       

I always enjoyed food growing up, in my family everyone cooks. Food is what always brings people together. My first roommate was a chef at a five star restaurant; he would come home at 3 in the morning and just start cooking. I just slowly began experimenting with food and now 3 years later I’m cooking everyday.


Go to sites for food                                                                                   and


Top three restaurants                                                                                                                         

Isa in Williamsburg for Mediterranean food, Cata on Bowery for tapas, and La Superior in Williamsburg on Berry Street for tacos.


What's on your playlist?                                                                                                     

The Smiths and Morrissey 


What are you inspired by?                                                                                              

Space, we can do so much with it.


Words to live by                                                                                                                     

You can never be the life of someone else’s party, until you are the life of your own.