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Sketch Book | Solange Franklin

Solange Franklin - Stylist 


Where are you from?                                                                                                                 

Des Moines, Iowa 


What brought you to New York?                                                                                               

I suppose the most obvious answer is fashion. I grew up knowing that I would live here at some point for whatever it would entail. The last semester at college I got an internship at Teen Vogue so I moved to New York.


What sparked your interest in fashion? 

I certainly have always had an interest in what’s around me. I didn’t know this career existed. In college I would stalk Teen Vogue’s intern blog. You could read the details of their lives and the editors. It was like a behind the scenes introduction before blogs really took off. Just that little taste of knowing what it could be like really just set a trigger, that’s when I decided I wanted to work at a magazine. 


Biggest challenge?

Negotiating my place in terms of being somebody who can hopefully be influential in changing perceptions in media of women and people of color. I just need to negotiate what my place is and how much I can say and stay true to my education, background and beliefs and also know sometimes it’s a challenge. 


Industry secret

Safety pins   


First Job?

Barista at Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles. This is how my love of Starbucks came about. I totally signed a petition to keep Starbucks out of my town and then I started working for the Barnes and Nobles coffee shop and fell in love with the products. 


What’s on your playlist?                                                                                                               

Zebra Katz 


What are you inspired by?  

People that I actually know. I’m more inspired by people’s intention and what they are putting into the universe. Certainly of course art, music, harlem renaissance and the 70’s.                                                                                                     


Words to live by?

Winners find solutions. My speed skating coach used to say that to us. Whether you're actually on the field or trying to figure out how to get this sample to Paris to London to the middle of the desert.